Olivet Baptist Church is Bible-believing, Bible-oriented Church. We are located in Hamden, CT and we would encourage you to join us, following the Lord in obedience, as we love, encourage, instruct, weep and care for each other. Our Church completely believes in Biblical truth. What that means is that we believe every word of the Bible is the inspired (breathed out) Word of God. In a day when many twist the meaning of truth, and honesty is a fleeing virtue, we confidently proclaim that God's Holy Word is absolute truth, and totally trustworthy, having God's full authority. As such, His words are totally sufficient for all life; and godly living. Sadly, today many are confused, looking for clear direction but so often in the wrong places.

We believe that it is only in the Bible that you can find God's answers, real answers, for every need in your life.
If this is what you are looking for, and you desire to have the strong foundation of God's Word for your life and family, we would be delighted to have you personally visit us. We joyfully invite you to grow with us and experience the love, joy and peace that only Jesus brings!

Sincerely, Pastor Bill Arruda